Monday, February 20, 2012

"The Art of Heartache" @ West Tampa Art Center

WTAC Entrance

For Valentine's Day, the West Tampa Arts Center held "The Art of Heartache", a show comprised of the work of Art Institute of Tampa students and faculty. There is an emphasis on digital photography and graphics in this show.

Paul D. A. Gentsch, "Untitled"

I see octopi/squid/Kraaken a lot nowadays as a motif in local art. Here is a tentacled human heart splitting in two as a rose flowers from the divide. The artist studied at the Art Institute of Tampa.

Lauren Altman, "Untitled"

Lauren Altman is well-versed in analog and digital artmaking. It leans in the direction of fantasy from what I can see on her website. Vampires, apocalyptic/dystopic landscape backgrounds, fairies, princesses, monsters, buxom flawed powerful female figures and more. Here we have a blonde clutching a heart in her right hand. Her dharpened, claw-like nails are emphasized. The view is from inside the chest where the heart used to beat., the blood and guts framing the blonde.

There was quite a bit of gore in this show. Vampires, too.

Elora Cady, "My Dad's a Hero"

On the left is "My Dad's a Hero" , a digital photo/print sepia-colored, about 20x30" by Elora Cady. Dad's a dead hero, of course, because the flag the boy's holding is the kind given to widows at military funerals. A sentimental and somewhat monotonal image redeemed by its composition and the boy's facial expresion.

Ken Hanway, "Love is a Bomb"

The work in the left, "Love is a Bomb", is a beautifully executed sepia-colored image/print. It has a good sense of three-dimensionality and beautiful tones. It's a grenade and the hand appears ready to pull the pin. Simple concept, well done.

Chris Deacon, "Little Wolf Riding Red"

The image on the left is about 20x30". Chris is an instructor in drawing and sculpture at the Art Institute of Tampa. He has an MFA from USF. He has said elsewhere (TART/TBO) that his work is about assimilating his surroundings, biographical and cultural memories, a "dark comedy". This picture seems in line with that, about sexual energies and a play on the classic fairy tale.

Congratulations to the artists, the Art Institute of Tampa, and the  WTAC  for an interesting show.

--- Luis

The Art of Heartache @ West Tampa Center for The Arts - Faculty & students from the Art Institute of Tampa involves several media. Free. Friday, Feb 10th, opening runs from 7-10 PM. Runs through March 3rd. 1906 N. Armenia, Tampa. $2 donation suggested.

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