Monday, February 6, 2012

Mickett & Stackhouse's "Breath of Water" in NYC

I spoke with Carol Mickett last week. She and Robert Stackhouse had their Breath of Water installation, which was reviewed here in their studio before being disassembled, driven to NYC, and installed in The Lab Gallery, in the ground floor corner of the Roger Smith Hotel.

A four minute video of the installation can be seen here: [Link]. Carol told me there were some adjustments required to fit the space, and it took some delicate woodwork. This kind of thing is not uncommon with large installations that fill a space.

Carol Mickett & Robert Stackhouse, "Breath of Water" at The Lab in NYC

Above is a photograph, courtesy of Carol and Bob, of the Breath of Water Installation onsite at the Lab Gallery [Link] in the Roger Smith Hotel [Link].This is a view from the sidewalk out the window looking in.

On the left is a view looking West down the sidewalk showing the way the installation looked to passers-by in NYC. Beautiful.

Congratulations to Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse on a beautiful conceptual work and its successful design, transport and installation.

A special note of thanks to Bob and Carol for inviting AT to their studio before leaving [Link] and for their report from NYC and the photographs that illustrate the article. I love being able to provide readers with backstory details whenever possible, and stories of local artists showing work elsewhere.

--- Luis

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