Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painting The Town, the Street Art

On the left, work by Chris Center. On right, by AKut 
The street art pictured here was done in concert with Duncan McClelland Glass and Dan Painter, and begun on the same night as their parties they were part of the 2nd Saturday parties,which will be reviewed separately in their own context. On the right are the murals by Center and AKut. The one on the right is by AKut, on the left, by Center. These are far from completed as seen here. The work is now to cover the entire wall which extends well beyond the picture's edges. I was told by the muralists on Sunday that it will still take a few weeks, particularly since the back part will require scaffolding.

Chris Center working on his mural.

On the left, a picture of Chris Center working on his main panel in this mural. A series of interlocking pipe-like (looks like an oil refinery or 3-D labyrinth) items with spikes along the edges. It comes across as a post-industrial dystopic landscape. This is a recurring theme in Center's work. I have a paint can from Center with this type of pattern on it, it is in drawings, and has also appeared on the side of the little building at Central Arts, who generously helped sponsor this event. For more on Chris and his work, see here [Link].

Work by Acud-Akut

Acud Akut has a very distinctive style, very clean and carefully highlighted with colors. Another of his works is currently up at that little building next to Central Art Supply, who generously provides it as a canvas for select graffiti artists. Akut often includes dark, natural landscapes along with the geometrics. To see more of Acud-Akut's work, [Link].

This mural serves to highlight the gateway to the nascent arts district on the Five Corners area. There is talk of possibly doing another mural on the side of the warehouse building across the street (24th S). The wallspace for this mural was generously donated by New Dawn Coffee Co. , coffee and tea specialists. John deLangis is the roaster & owner of this and other buildings in the area, and he expressed interest in perhaps getting another wall painted. Remember to support those who support the arts. Mr. deLangis can be reached at: [Link]. I went back this ast Sunday to find the two muralists still at work, and will be posting pictures of this work in progress very soon.

On Emerson, the Avenue that DMG and Dan Painter's place are on, two artists diligently worked into the evening to finish beautiful chalk drawings on the asphalt.

Artist Kumpa Tawornprom at work

On the left is a photo of Kumpa Tawornprom at work. He works in many media, but his main emphasis is on sculpture. He works for a major theme park doing large sculptures of figures. This drawing of a WWII bomber was excellent. He will be at the Hyde Park sidewalk drawing festival coming up soon.
See more here: [Link]

Next to Kumpa, his friend artist Tim Ritter was focused on drawing an Oriental dragon's figure.
He can be contacted at Thai-Ritter@hotmail.com

Congratulations to the four artists, Mr. deLangis for the wallspace, Central Art Supply for the sponsorship, and Duncan McClellan and Daniel Painter for making all this possible.

--- Luis

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