Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tampa Free Skool

I received a press release from Cole A. Bellamy, and here is an abbreviated version...
The Tampa Free School is based on other Free Skools around the US and world. Community-building and personal empowerment through teaching and learning. Anyone can teach or attend. based on a decentralized principle, classes are held in homes, parks, or other public spaces.


March classes include:

Beyond CFLs: Wholistic Energy Efficiency for your Dwelling
We will dicuss how to determine your current energy usage, how to reduce your seasonal energy use (heating and cooling), and how to reduce your baseload energy usage. We will focus on immediate steps a homeowner/renter can take (ie - no big renovation projects), within the larger context of understanding energy flow in the building.
Spoken Passages: Storytelling
The art of storytelling has propelled human civilization since it began. Storytelling brings us together around the campfire, around our children's beds when we tuck them in at night, and around the stage when we see a theatre performance.
Bread Making 101
Learn the basics of bread making and learn how baking your own bread is an inexpensive, delicious, impressive, and healthy alternative to store-bought bread.
Spicerack Herbalism
Learn the medicinal properties of commonly used kitchen herbs and spices. We will discuss proper storage of herbs, shelf life, growing herbs, dosage, and methods of preparation. Activities include making an infusion, a decoction, and a vinegar tincture.
T-Shirt Surgery: Bag Edition
Upcycle your old t-shirts into grocery bags that you can take to your local farmer's market! This class will include a tutorial for two bags: a large grocery bag and a medium produce bag.
Further details about these classes and many more can be found at!

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