Sunday, June 24, 2012

Clay Pride Show @ Craftsman House Gallery & Cafe

The yearly Clay Pride show at Craftsman House Gallery and Cafe is synchronized with the Gay Pride festivities in St. Petersburg. The work is described by Jeff Schorr as made by "artists that embraced the clay lifestyle". This is the fourth year for this popular show. Posey Bacopoulos, Robin Beckett, Glenda Jordan, Marge Margulies, Leil Patterson, and Stephanie Schorr are in the show.

On the left is a plate by Charlie Parker, who has been reviewed in these pages several times and recently opened a large pottery studio in the Warehouse Arts District. Charlie's plates are noted for their glazes.

These nestled bowls are by Marge Margulies. The undulating forms are reminiscent of water or concentric ripples in a pond after a stone is thrown in. The colors are subtle and interact beautifully.

Posey Bacopoulos works in terracotta with Majolica glazes that originated in the Middle East around the 9th century. It uses tin opacity for dense, reflective colors. Her designs an Iberian look to them.

Congratulations to all the artists and Craftman House Gallery and Cafe for hosting this show.

--- Luis

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