Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Updates: Warehouse Art District Mural Problem/ Salt Creek

I spoke with Duncan McClellan and Dan Painter last night. The issues regarding the mural facing 24th st S. on Emerson have been resolved. Duncan was in Europe at the time. Dan handled the problem, which after some communications was resolved amicably over the telephone. The mural will remain as it is, with no part of it covered.

Behind the scenes, evidence was being readied by a long-term activist in the art community for presentation in case this had gone further, but it doesn't matter now. This is behind us, and hopefully lessons have been learned on all sides.  The mural stands.


The second update has to do with the relocation of the Salt Creek artists. A developer/landord is shopping for a property in which to move the 40+ artists/prospective tenants into rental studios. Two important issues remain unresolved: How long all of this might take, which is going to be in terms of months, and understandably, what the rent will be. It is probably going to be no less than $5/sq.ft. and possibly much more than that. There's progress and movement on that front, but things are far from certain. The Salt Creek artists will probably have to find temporary storage until this is resolved, and face problems continuing to work without a studio. 

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