Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Philosophy: Mishou Sanchez @ Hoffman-Porges Gallery

Hoffman Porges Gallery catwalk on Opening Night

Hoffman-Porges Gallery has been around for 20+ years. It was closed for several of those years, then changed hands from M. Hoffman to Jill and Dave Scott less than two years ago. Philosophy is the first of a quarterly series of shows curated by Moira Shiver of Shiver & Shiver productions.

Mishou Sanchez is a well-known and popular Tampa artist and native. She has a Bachelor's from Ringling, and a Master's in Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in LA from 2007. She has worked in architecture and interior design and recently returned to Tampa after a stint on the West Coast.

In this show there are works from three series: Indulgence, abstract (some drip-type) paintings, arts legends and religious experiences. "Indulgence" was made possible by Sanchez being able to resource paints of all kinds destined for disposal. They've been upcycled into many large and medium-sized works in the show.

The arts legends have a very personal connection to the artist: She told me they were her influences. They're classic, famous, gold-standard artists. Dali, Basquiat, Kahlo, Picasso, Van Gogh & another I can't remember.

The religious are also classic, Catholic figures.

She refers to these portraits as 'abstract'. These abstractions involve faceting of skin and hair, enlarged eyes, and more. Her colors are classic, Latin-American ones, highly emotive.

Adjacent to the gallery building is a walled, roof-less courtyard space (the size of a typical Ybor bar). There were abstracts from the Indulgence series hanging on one wall, and people were encouraged to paint their own art on the other.

In the Courtyard
A view of one wall of the courtyard, with four abstracts from the Indulgence series hanging on the wall.On the right is a close-up of the 2nd painting from the left on the wall. This is about 5 ft. tall. Note the complexity of color and how well articulated they are. Some of these abstracts seem suggestive of figures, but maybe it's the viewer projecting.

Sanchez' experience with design and her awareness of color is evident in all three series.

Mishou Sanchez, "Robust Combust"

Another painting from the Indulgence series, "Robust Combust" is a mix of organic forms and graphisme. Very expressive and lyrical, with overtones or passionate growth and transcendence. This reminded me a little of some of Helen Frankenthaler's work.  Sanchez injects brief parallel explanatory diaristic narratives in the tags. For this painting: "Gravity, material, composition intent and a ridiculous obsession with color are the ingredients within this piece."

Works by Mishou Sanchez

Work by Mishou Sanchez
In the series "Arts Legends", Sanchez acknowledges her influences in a series of portraits. The entire series is shown on the right. On the left is the portrait of Frida Kahlo (middle lower center of series group).
This is a very graphic and efficient style, not particularly realistic, but close enough to clearly identify the subject. Note the distortions the artist introduced in the size of the forehead, lips and eyes, yet it's Frida.

Mishou Sanchez, "Angel"
On the left is "Angel", from the "Religious Experience"series. She says it's "This portrait of an Angel is an example of the robust use of passionate reds. Both the frame and paint are reycled materials". Note the Crown of rose (and below them, thorns?). Note the graphic elements, red irises, and the Picassoesque fold of the chin.

Mishou Sanchez (center)

I want to congratulate Mishou, The Scotts/Hoffman Porges Gallery, and Moira Shiver for a memorable show.


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