Tuesday, May 28, 2013

eve N odd's CANNED Art Show Coming June 8th!

(from Jennifer Kosharek...)

Jennifer Kosharek's eve-N-odd gallery is thrilled to bring the CANNED art show to St. Petersburg, FL! 
 There will be many local favorites, national, and even some international taking part in this OPEN call for CANNED art! 
Many graffiti artists putting their art on empty spray paint cans. It's a growing trend and people collect them.  The gallery has been getting a wide variety of styles and mediums for this show... it is going to be a eclectic collection of work--all done on a spray paint can. 
eve-N-odd continually has art shows that anyone can enter from the young to the old, the professional to the novice.  We aim to bring art to the masses with affordable pricing and variety. 
Our next group call, that is open to anyone is the call for FRANK ZAPPA mail art!  Entries are due August 1st.  With a show opening for the August art walk.  More information can be gathered for that show at www.eve-N-odd.blogspot.com or www.jenniferzoe.blogspot.com 
Please join us for the opening at the eve-N-odd gallery, 645 Central Ave.#11, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.  JUNE 8th, artwalk, from 8-10 pm. 


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