Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seen: Mainsail 2013

A few pictures from the 2013 Mainsail...

Lance Rodgers, "Wet Kiss"

Lance Rodger's romantic "Wet Kiss" painting of two drenched lovers with wildly er... pounding surf behind them was pure passion unbridled.

All work by Susan Gott Glass

A small section of Susan Gott's cast glass work.

"Rogue Gallery",  by Scott Coulter from Sarasota, is a rarity: A painting about graffiti and the art impulse that lies behind both.

Work by Ummarid Eitharong

This is not what one might expect from Orlando's Ummarid Eitharong. For a long time his work has been more realist than this. I spoke with him and he told me it was time for a change for him, to do work more direct from the subconscious, with freer forms.

Ernesto Piloto-Marquez has been reviewed several times in this blog. His work, among other things, is intimately connected with the relationship between us, money, and ultimately each other. He is one of a handful of local artists who integrates the written word and image in a synergistic manner.

Donna Gordon, sculptress and gallerist brought her fine, luxurious bronzes to the show.

All work by Donna Gordon

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