Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Lilacs are late this year. Twilight in Wonderland.

Wonderland looks bigger than it is, but never lets you forget it is a small town.

 "The nice part about living in a small town is that when you don't know what you are doing, someone else does." --- Emmanuel Kant.

I don't list my address in Wonderland, but I live a binary existence, like a physicist's cat. Look for me and I can be in either place, sometimes simultaneously.

It was the original internet, except with an exquisite gradient of gesture and inflection that allowed for precision as well as deliberate crescendo and innuendo that dwarfs the written word. For something with no mass, I can tell you firsthand its impact defies the laws of of physics.

 She meant well, had no idea what would happen. Or maybe she did when relaying what "people are saying" trying to be helpful, to enlighten about propriety and convention, doing so unwittingly at a frequency that shattered glass.

I love landscapes, and am presently working on a series. A life, like an image, is composed, balanced. Move and perspective changes. Forcibly shift one or more elements within or near the frame know.

Everything matters.

My landscape has changed.

--- Luis

“Every man is surrounded by a neighborhood of voluntary spies.”
Jane Austen

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