Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pop-Up Show at old Collective space with Sunscreen Film Festival

As the Sunscreen Film Festival approached the idea of using the empty space at 601 Central Ave (the Ex-Collective space) came from Jennifer Kosharek, and this show was born. It was a challenging thing to put together in a short time. Here are a few pictures from that evening....

I had a real challenge because I'd left my Pass in the car, but managed to BS my way past the tall, Secret-Service-looking guard to get these pictures...

Jennifer Kosharek, "Gretchen".

Chad Mize, "Goldie"
Hugo Porcaro, "Frida Kahlo Deer"
This show, put together quickly and hung with very little time was a success for a pop-up, and a welcome addition to the 600 Block Party and Sunscreen Film Festival.

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