Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Call For Artists: Venture Compound's Ultraviolence

The title should be a hint. If you are repelled/offended/nauseated by gratuitous violence, read no further. This is straight from the Venture Compound, just as received. The suggested points of reference paragraph is a least there's no entry fee.


Hi all!  This is just a quick announcement to spread the word about our open call for artists for our upcoming show, on the theme of ULTRAVIOLENCE.  Please help spread it around! The listing is on Craigslist here:

And reads as follows:
The Venture Compound calls all thoughtful deviant gorehounds to submit work for our next awful show of scandalous exploitation. The theme is "ULTRAVIOLENCE".

All of our themes are completely open to interpretation, but there is a definite "Venture Aesthetic." If you're not familiar with what we do or the kind of artists we work with, you should definitely spend some time going back through archives, probably mostly easily accessible on Facebook at We are focused on young, emerging, and non-commercial art, so if you're still working on your polish and unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the art world, we're here to give you our love and weirdness! If you don't feel like you're ready to submit to a show, YOU SHOULD SUBMIT ANYWAY.

Please send us a note with some brief biographical information about yourself, images of existing work, and some rough idea of what you'd like to do for the show. Email this information to NO LATER THAN JULY 17TH for consideration.

Possible points of reference: 

A Clockwork Orange; super gory anime scenes; a surgery show on television; an art piece made of car crashes; a building exploding; airplane crashing; school campus being shot up; a gazelle being torn to pieces by lions; A Nightmare on Elm Street; a nuclear bomb; the holocaust; ultimate fighting championships; monster truck smash 'em ups; video game killing sprees; Genghis Khan; Vikings; Dessert Storm; Mexican wrestling, Heavy Metal explosions, the scary parts of the bible, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies; the conquest of America; dolphin gang rape; suicide; the French revolution; spontaneous human combustion; kamikaze attack; or a mother murdering her children.

Note: Any serious proposals on the theme of dolphin gang rape will be IMMEDIATELY accepted.

Please send all materials and inquiries to!


David Z. Morris
Director of Communications
The Venture Compound

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