Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Venture Compound indiegogo fundraiser.

(From the stygian bowels of the Venture Compound...)

Hello media types, friends, and countrymen!  The Venture Compound, St. Peteresburg, FL's home for all things weird and beautiful, has been running a fundraiser for 58 and a half days - and NOW IS THE TIME for you to feature our effort on your blog/twitter/local news show!  Because WE ARE KILLING THIS. Our fundraiser has hit $1,120 raised - BUT WE HAVE ONLY 36 HOURS LEFT.

What does our success so far mean for The Venture Compound? Well LEMME TELL YOU:

Gallery Lighting: FUNDED. – We love art, but sometimes our gallery doesn't. We will now have proper gallery lighting so we can showcase the greatness of our artists.

Remaining Fire Code Needs: FUNDED. – We can buy an emergency exit door, updated emergency lighting, and fire extinguishers. Yay for not dying!

Backyard Prettification: FUNDED. – We know you love our pallets and broken plastic chairs. But how about some hand-built wood benches, tables, and maybe even outdoor lighting? How about some garden boxes? How about a FUCKING JUNGLE GYM? NOW THEY'RE COMING. Well, we'll give the jungle gym a 'maybe.'

Venture Compound Sign Hanging Committee : FUNDED. – Now we can afford to hang the awesome sign Jim built!


What We Can Do If We Hit $1400:
TV Mountain Historical Landmark Rescue Plan. 
TV Mountain needs to be rewired and engineered for endurance so we can all continue to enjoy 15-channel, quadruple-track old-movie marathons in shuddering monochrome. This would involve cleaning up the wiring and building new shelves so we don’t die when a 35” Samsung from 1989 falls from the top row.
Check out more info on TV Mountain HERE:

What We Can Do If We Hit $2,000:
Sound Enhancements: It might not cover our entire wishlist, but a couple hundred could let us make some real upgrades to what you hear. Believe it or not, The Venture Compound has been using BORROWED SPEAKERS for over a year. We'd really love to have something to call our own. We'd also like to get our hands on a recording unit for RECORDING LIVE BANDS - recordings that would be released to YOU, the public.

Please contact me via email or directly at (813) 394-6568 with any questions or inquiries.  We Love You!

David Z. Morris
Director of Communications
Pangaea Project Inc./ The Venture Compound

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