Saturday, June 1, 2013

Seen: Rebekah Eugenia Lazzaridis @ Kahwa South.

Rebekah Eugenia Lazaridis has a fashion boutique named Eugenia Woods in the Crislip Arcade. She has worked in theaters on sets for years and is also a fine art painter. Part of this show was comprised of the works reviewed here [Link] fourteen months ago. This review is about the new works shown.

Rebekah Lazaridis, "Carry"

There are several works in which the moon and its pull play a metaphorical part in this body of work.In "Carry", a narrow, rectangular mixed media work, there is a cheesy looking moon holding up a figure in blue. The curve in its back mimics that of the moon.

Rebekah Lazaridis, "Cheese".

In "Cheese", seen at left, Lazaridis continues the romantic theme of the moon, here by literally saying that everyone knows what the moon is made of. We do, of course, but here it harkens back to an earlier time and folklore. Today we know, yet in the human psyche it seems to have an effect out of proportion to its constitution. What we know is not always what we feel.

Rebekah Lazaridis, "Cabinet".

"Cabinet" is composed of a woman's luminous torso opened up, like a cabinet, to reveal eight drawers in two rows. A bit of what appears to be clothing peeps from one, a hand is languidly draped from another. At the base, a water-like blue fabric (?) is flooding out. A metaphor for the inner condition, the secrets life leaking out.

Congratulations to Rebekah Lazaridis and Kahwa for a good show.

--- Luis

All work by Rebekah Lazaridis.

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