Thursday, September 19, 2013

Planet Retro Open at 2414 Central Ave.

[From Art Taco correspondent Malcom Johnson]
Planet Retro Opens
     Planet Retro, a vinyl record shop, has opened at 2414 Central Ave, in St. Petersburg's Grand Central District.
    These are'nt just any old LP vinyl records from garage sales. These are very clean, carefully chosen LP's from the 1950's on up. There is a wide range including old Jazz (Jimmy Smith B-3 albums), punk, rock and roll, 80's stuff, Disco, and much more.Prepare to spend some serious time looking through these bins.
     They also have collectible plastic figurines, plus some high quality old radios. They even have an clean reel to reel tape recorder.
     For more info; 407-506-5233, Facebook: Planet Retro Gallery. 
                                                                                        ---  Malcom Johnson

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