Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why you should go see the Gaglione show at eve N odd gallery.

Most people are a a loss when the words mail art (MA) are mentioned. It is confusing in many ways. For example, why does an anti art movement call itself art? It's also anti-movement. Picasso Gaglione is one of the 'stars' of MA, linked back directly to its Creator (pun intended) Ray Johnson, but....wait...MA abhors the star system...and the gallerist showing this proudly will tell you about all the other icons/rockstars/idols of MA she has met and exchanged work with. But....breathe deeply and set all this aside, for it is only the small stuff.

What matters here is the art, and Gaglione is a standout whose history trails back to nearly the Ur-moment in MA. And his work and stampland collection is right here in Saint Petersburg. 

The gallerist is a significant presence in the world of MA, has attended some Congresses, met some Icons, and is a great artist (and not just in MA). It takes a lot of daring to bring someone like Picasso Gaglione here. For art lovers, trust me. Go see this show. I have only seen it through the gallery windows, but can endorse it without reservation. The work is not inexpensively priced: It is ridiculously cheap...a steal. 

If you only have time to see one show this coming 2nd Saturday, this is the one to see.

Take a little time and educate yourself about MA so you can better appreciate the significance of this show, why you should go see it, and perhaps buy a piece.

Below are a few links, which I am sure will all be pooh-pooh-ed by MArtists, but one has to start somewhere.

In the beginning... [LINK]

A succint definition [LINK]

Wiki def...[LINK]

Fat PDF.... [LINK]

From Mark Bloch [LINK]

Of course, Pinterest... [LINK]

This is far more than  one needs to prepare to appreciate the "Looking Back, Looking Forward" show. Do not miss it!

--- Luis


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