Saturday, September 21, 2013

Spathos Kickstarter Campaign. Please help.

Spathose Wearable Sculpture! Sustainable, Organic with an Industrial Edge!
Above are fine arts wearable fashion products from Spathos, a company headed by George Medeirons and Scott Durfee, renowned artists in the area and long time friends of Art Taco.

Here is what they are striving for....

  • Expenses to cover our first trade show appearance! Yikes!  
  • Which includes: building an *SPECTACULAR* booth to showcase our  product….Lighting, display cases, large scale photography, catalogs, sales material, show fees and of course inventory!                                                                     
  • Complete rewards to our generous backers, including shipping …not an inexpensive task!
  • Pay fees and of course the Internal Revenue Service …everyone needs to get paid!
  • Purchase materials…we source only American made…harder than you think!
  • Purchase manufacturing production tools…some are just plain tuckered out!
  • Cover costs for new marketing materials…Spathose is ready for their close-up!
  • If we are fortunate to raise more than our target goal, rest assured that these funds will be put to excellent use…more materials, more tools, more marketing materials…more Spathose!

I can vouch for these guys and what they do 100%. Please throw them all the love you can.

Go here [Link]

--- Luis

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