Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seen/Scene: Sebastian Coolidge @ The Bends

[From the Lost Files of the fecund Summer of 2013]

This was at the hipster hangout on 1st Ave. N. where Artpool used to be. I think it was the solo show where Kyle Hughes/Sebastian Coolidge did not even come to, never mind the people who waited (I never have time for that, so I left) and were disappointed.

Exhibition view. 

Sebastian Coolidge, "Dwelling Reign".

Sebastian Coolidge, "Longing"

Sebastian Coolidge, "Lesson One"

The cut-out window showing the sex organs of the opposite gender was a sententiously repetitive trope in this exhibit, as was the emphasis on carnal lust and the contrasting imagery between the straightlaced (Victorian?) characters and the naked body parts.

 [This show was in early July 2013]

--- Luis

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