Monday, April 22, 2013

Evenings in Wonderland: Long, delightful and strange.

It was a long, delightful and strange weekend in Wonderland...with robotic and real smiles, snatched intimate knowing glances, moments that stretched out insufferably long or ended much too soon, hordes of ninja bushwhackers acid-driping our brains while friends gravitated together undercover and in plain view, hugging for a brief infinity on a street corner, talking through loud music in the hot evening air on a  crowded balcony or by stand-up tables, faces almost touching, cherishing still moments in near-darkness, healing each other and sharing understandings...and hoping you would show up on Boliche Blvd. Wannabees and suck-ups bartering implied flesh and money with toothy, drooling predators in sign language and text, fake smiles, boobs, jewelry, handshakes, entities, identities, awash in the quantum foam of the floating world, interleaving with the authentic like cards blurred between a magician's hands. All at about 24 fps.

--- Luis

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  1. This is really lovely writing. It gave me mental pictures similar to those I get when reading some Hunter Thompson.