Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Life Chromatic: Dodie O'Keefe @ Florida Craftsmen

Dodie O'Keefe worked in many modes. She painted, designed, illustrated, made jewelry, enhanced textiles and more. Florida Craftsman had a show comprised mostly of work from private collectors. Here are photographs from that show:

Mexican motifs abound in O'Keefe's work. It is obvious she had steeped herself into the culture and its art. Here is a retablo that is about 8" high. It is a scene of merriment, with people playing music. I think of these retablos as portable altars, closed when not being observed or for carry.

                           Dodie also sent mail that she drew and used stamps on to her friends.

Congratulations to Florida Craftsmen for an illuminating posthumous show of Dodie O'Keefe's work.

--- Luis

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