Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seen: Coralette Damme @ Empouria

The Studio @ 620 has partnered with the Empouria bar for the Artist Spotlight Series. It is a satellite space concept, turning business wall space into art space. Their first artist in the series is Coralette Damme (aka the Crafty Hag), who has been reviewed here several times. She works as a printmaker, crafter and painter in a recontextualized German Expressionist style. The subjects are totemic animal icons.

Here are a few pictures of the show...

Coralette Damme, "Barn Owl".

Coralette Damme, "Ray Bradbeary"

Coralette Damme, "Gargoyles"

Coralette Damme, "Red-Winged Blackbird"

Coralette Damme in front of her work.

Congratulations to Coralette, Empouria, and 620 for a very good show and a new space.

Empouria is at 29 Third St. North in St. Pete.

Empouria is open Sunday-Friday 4 PM - close, Saturday 12 PM - close. It's an elegant bar space.

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