Saturday, November 12, 2011

Art In The Park @ Kenwood

Seminole Park

This art show is part of Bungalow Fest, a celebration of all things Kenwood, an historic St. Pete neighborhood. The emphasis is on architecture and art. This year, the art show had about thirty artists showing in Kenwood's Seminole Park.

Sarah Thee Campagna (pictured here with her husband) of Cybercraft Robots. She was one of the two featured artists for the show. Sarah specializes in sculptures of robots and UFOs that have a lot in common with humans in many cases, and are sleek art objects. She and her work were recently reviewed here [Link]

Coralette Damme Works

Coralette Damme, AKA "The Crafty Hag" was there. She was also reviewed at the same show that Sarah was above. Coralette works in a variety of media, from oil paints to linocuts. She is no stranger to exploring life's energies, everything from animal totemic forms full of power and mystery to her own artistic process. 

Work by Coralette Damme

At first glance, the painting on the left looks like a cathedral, or another kind of iconic architecture. Look at it long enough and you notice the handle on the back and the electric cord peeping from its bottom. This is an iron, an integral part of the artist's printmaking process. Here it is still an iron and simultaneously transcends its perfunctory nature into something that evokes reverence. Daring.
See more of her work (Disclosure: I own several, and bought another one at this show) here: [Link]

While at the show, Ms. Damme was working on a linoleum print. Here you can see the cutting tool, the piece she was working on, and the quick test prints in her notebook to see how it's going, and the inkpad used for this. A little insight into the process.

Work by Charlie Parker

 One of the other featured artists was Barbara Nicolazzo, who does ceramics and paints cars. I was familiar with her work because an acquaintance had her van painted by her, and every time I see it I think of what a cool thing that is, to customize one's car into an out-of-the-box work of art. Barbara also paints other mass-produced things, like computer mice and other things. See more here: [Link]

The Art in The Park show was a wonderful afternoon and showcase for Kenwood. Congratulations to the artists, residents and organizers.

Painted by Barbara Nicolazzo

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