Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael Peart Sculptures @ Davidson Fine Arts

[Here's a guest blog from Michael Peart and Lucy Sophia, a metal sculptor who is having a show this Saturday November 19th, at Rob Davidson Fine Arts, 1100 1st Ave. North, St Pete]

Michael Peart... realizing my destiny for metal is the only thing that powers my drive.  Nothing else comes as natural to me, than working with metal.  I see the whole world through a metal lens.

I am inspired by the magnificent decaying architectures of Spain by Antonio Gaudi 1879-1949.  I can only hope to capture the natural grace, beauty and colors of his creations in my metal color finishes.  Gaudi's work was the muse behind the concept of Priscilla's castle.

Expression of my visions to others...through words has always been my struggle.
The story of Priscilla allows me to channel deep inside my soul to fuse fantasy and modern life together to create Priscilla's collections.

The story is told within the work.  Every piece of her collection has a story behind it.  They all had a special purpose and function that reveals a little of Priscilla's personality.  She had a special connection with all of her collections.  I invite you to interpret my work for yourself and make your own connection.  I think we all have a little Priscilla deep down in our souls.

This Art Exhibition will be the first showing (part one) of 4 art exhibitions.  Someday we can sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about it.

The story begins...

Priscilla was a beautiful, effervescent goddess with an irresistible charm that she used to get whatever she wanted.  Men were mesmerized by her beauty.  They would bring her exotic gifts from all over the world.  But Priscilla's favorite gifts were unique furniture and artwork made by a famous skilled metal craftsman.  Many where impressed by Priscilla's beauty and charm, yet she had a personality trait that most people inevitably found impossible to tolerate.  She was obsessed with domination.  Everything she saw and liked, she had to have, and she would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.  This obsession soon led to her banishment from the town.

The townsmen knew that Priscilla would not leave without a fight.  They decided to build her a beautiful steel castle so deep in the forest and high in the mountains that it would never be found.  The castle was made from steel because they knew that Priscilla had a strong fondness for steel and because it would last and be strong enough to keep Priscilla inside and away from the town forever.  They told Priscilla that it was a Colorful Steel Castle, designed especially for her and created with all her favorite colors.  What they did not tell her was that this Steel Castle would also be her tomb.

Finally, the steel castle was complete.  The townsmen came and delivered the news to Priscilla.  They told her it was a surprise and blindfolded her while escorting her to the castle.  After a long day's journey, they reached the castle and her blindfold was removed.  Priscilla gasped in shock, mesmerized and speechless at the enchanting vision before her.  Never before had her eyes seen something so magnificent.  “This is a fairytale!” she exclaimed loudly.  "This is an absolute, brilliant fairytale!"

To find out what happens next... please join us at Artful Living Gallery on 19 Nov 11 at 6 pm.

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