Friday, November 25, 2011

Square One Cosmopolitan Gallery Walk, Part I

Ybor Art Lofts, hallway.
On Nov. 18th, Okie Tilo's Square One held the "Cosmopolitan" Gallery Walk, a pre-show art show in galleries and studios in Ybor. I began at the Ybor Art Lofts, a group of artists' studios, where I ran into Jason and Moira Shiver (Who heads the Ybor Artists' Association).

In the past year or so, the Arts Lofts have fast-forwarded into a higher level of professionalism, energy and organization, putting shows in several locations around Ybor City. The YAA has some great ideas coming up for 2012, too.

On exhibit at the Lofts were the Red Bull art coolers contest, "Art is Cooler", entries. Here's a few...

Efren Rebugio, "Art is Cooler"

 On the left is Efren Rebugio's entry,, a graphic abstract with two of the Red Bull bulls slamming head-on into each other.
Work by Terry Klaaren

On the right, a sculptural rendition by Terry Klaaren with two 3D forearms and hands holding up the product to a 2D painting of a hand holding a representation of the product. The glass door was etched and the steel body of the cooler painted with the corporate colors.

Work by Patricia Douglas

Patricia Douglas took creative liberties with the colors, inserted a plug for the YAA and pictured the bulls facing each other, along with the product name prominently displayed.

Work by Stephen Palladino

The runaway wildest entry was Stephen Palladino's, which reproduced a NYC train car interior inside the cooler, complete with the bars, seat, windows, map, YAA sticker, and first-rate authentic, somewhat familiar graffiti done in miniature. The allusions to the product are there, but not dominant or slavishly done. The floor is realistically dirty, and the metaphorical idea that the trains are coolers for the citizenry that rides them is there. This was a creative departure, involving the exterior and interior of the cooler, street-tempered, and showing the need for the product, not just the logos.

Palladino Entry, exterior

On the right is the exterior view of Palladino's entry, which is more of an installation, a double environment, than anything else. The authenticity of the train roof form, classic graffiti on the exterior, and the walled-in surrounding wings are all really good.

Other work seen at the Lofts...

All works by Jason Shiver

Jason has moved into a bigger studio at the Lofts. This is from one corner, and shows a variety of work, from the Floridian aquatic ecological theme to the social realism political painting on the easel. Jason has just finished installing large sculptures at a new public apartment complex, which I hope to get to and photograph and show here soon.


Work by Noah Deledda

Noah Deledda
Noah Deledda had some works in a very different technique that relies on diffraction to produce very odd effects, using nothing but paint.

Princess Simpson Rashid, "Nautilus at the Pole"