Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bitchin' @ Blue Lucy

Laura Spencer, "It's morning"

Bitchin' is an all-woman show at Blue Lucy, running through 12/10/11 at 653 Central Ave., St Pete. The show includes work from Cat Mankus, Anna Sauer, Jill Trilling, Mishou Sanchez, Missy Roll, Andrea Pawlisz, Calan Ree, Rachel Weirich, Julie Dye, Svetlana Kepeshinkas, and P$ynner.

Laura is an illustrator and much more. This somewhat skeletal figure, looking like a frame from a graphic novel, realistically conveys the point that tomorrow (almost) always comes. For more of Laura Spencer's work, see here: [Link]

Julie Dye, "Life"

"Life", by Julie Dye, consists of a book with its pages cut up into a flower, with "petals", falling from it, all in a wooden box. The ephemerality of life and its narrative nature are emphasized. I found this work a good idea, but a little too symmetrical. Julie is a paper artist and crafter. See more here [Link].

Svetlana Kepezhinskas, "Toxicity"

A painting of a head, with the top in a brain-pink explosion, with octopus tentacles reaching out from the mist. Looks like a reaction to modern living. There are some graffiti influences here. It's a mixed media work with wood, paint, and some bits of grass(or straw) hanging from it. See more of Svetlana'swork here: [Link]

I've been following Psynner's work for a long time. Here is "Pixie and Bunny", two dolls in a 2D environment, all in a box. Like a lot of Psynner's work, this has an amped-up,hyperreal look to it, and readily falls into the nucleus around which many narratives may be spun, although it may be part ot a specific one. More of P$ynner'swork here: [Link].

Rachel Weirich, "And yet not really inviting after all

A visually attractive bra and panties with sharp pins sticking out of them. This feminist parable on the laws of attraction, particularly seeing and touching, is titled: "And yet not really inviting after all". I'm pretty sure that I saw other work by Rachel along these lines at Florida Craftsmen earlier this year.

Calan Ree, "Muse"

"Muse", by Calan Ree, a sculpture made of clay and mixed media. A figure, looking pregnant, with the belly cut away to reveal a honeycomb. The Muse-artist relationship is not a 1:1 type of thing. Muses inspire communities of artists, directly and indirectly. The honeycomb brings to mind the nurturing honey and hive or community. This is a very strong art object. I spoke with a gallery owner a day after the opening, who justifiably raved at length about it.


Congratulations to all the artists and Chad and Phillip of Blue Lucy for the show.

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