Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cosmopolitan Gallery Walk, Part II

The Stone Soup Company is a wonderful intimate restaurant on 7th between the Ritz and Arts Lofts on the S. side of the street, that prides itself on quality natural ingredients, I've had a few of their soups and they're first rate. The restaurant also acts as a bit of a gallery, with art works surrounding the diners. For this Gallery Walk, SSC participated.

Work by Greg Latch

This Einstein portrait by Greg Latch is delightfully stylized, with emphatic lines that add energy to the image. [Link].

All work by Byron O'Neal

Byron O'Neal had several derivative works from iconic pop star photos. He is with Singing Stone Gallery.

Works by Samantha Churchill

I also had the pleasure of running into work by Samantha Churchill. Her wire sculptures are turning up in many of the places I frrequent these days.

From there, I went into the RItz, for a preview of the art that would be shown on the following night. There were very few people there, but I was a little early. Here's a few examples...

The Ritz Lobby

Here's two stands towards the end of the lobby.

A stand of one artist's work in the theater room, on the west side of the stage. Lots of people were hurrying about setting things up and doing last-minute touches to their displays.

The Curtain at The Ritz

Congratulations to all the artists and venues that participated in the Cosmopolitan Gallery Walk.

--- Luis

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