Friday, November 18, 2011

The Good Folk Show @ Creative Clay

Creative Clay Gallery & Studio

Creative Clay has been actualizing the potentials of local artists with developmental, physical and/or emotional disabilities for sixteen years. Their members' works are shown in their own gallery at 1124 Central Ave., St Pete, and in other venues throughout the city. I went to the closing reception of their "Good Folk" show, with a focus on Folk Art, and here are a few highlights...

Creative Clay, view of Gallery

Chris F., "Duke Ellington"

On the right is a painting by Chris F. titled "Duke Ellington". Note the details in the clothing, and articulation of color between the pictorial elements.

These two paintings are by Chris F and Beau Smith. On the left is "Chris as President", on the right is Beau as Vice President. Like most of us, they look a little shell-shocked in office.

Anonymous, "Portrait of a curator

So many of these portraits are emotionally expressive in a naive, yet direct and connected manner. The colors here are excellent, and the depiction of the works behind the figure hanging on the pegboard are wonderful and accurate in an abstracted way to what's in the studio section.

Art hanging from the pegboard in the studio area at Creative Clay.

This small gem caught my eye. The signature is "Thor", but no tag or title was provided. It looks like a skyline, with colors that are remarkable.

This is a large painting by Lawrence that is hanging in the gallery area. The expression of the figure, the attention to clothing, the folds in her skirt are all quite good.

Congratulations to the members of Creative Clay, all who work there, and a special note of thanks to Marci Davidson. This Gallery/Studio is a first-rate community asset.

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