Monday, November 7, 2011

"Imagine Diving Deep Into The Sea": Scott "Gutsy" Tuason @ UT's Scarfone/Hartley

UT/Scarfone/Hartey Gallery Interior View

Scott Tuason attended UT starting in 1986, majoring in marine biology. Instead, he emerged with a Business degree with a minor in art (photography). He has been diving for 27 years and photographing for twenty of them. Twenty-six of his prints are in the current show at the gallery. To some degree, it seems as if all underwater nature photographers are naturalists at heart, and Scott is, too, but his work has an awareness of form and color that is unusual in most. A few highlights...

Scott Tuason, "Mangrove Forest", Bohol, Philippines

"Mangrove Forest", on left, is an underwater landscape that goes well beyond mere documentation. The articulation of color between the slight orange bottom, the yellow leaves, reddish arcs of the mangrove roots works very well. The repetition of the arcs makes for a strong composition.

Scott Tuason, "Lemon Sharks" Tiger Beach, Bahamas

The tones between the whitish sand bottom, the light it reflects onto the underside of the sharks, and their grey backs against the azure water is beautiful.

Scott Tuason, "Hard Coral Detail",  Aniloa, Philippines.

On the right is "Hard Coral Detail", which is simultaneously a cloe-up of a living coral, and a gorgeous color abstract. Again, Scott's arts background and awareness clearly come into play in his images.

Scott Tuason, "Sea Star on Sea Jelly", Gato Island, Philippines

On the left is "Sea Star on Sea Jelly". It looks like one of the better Hubble Telescope images. Simply beautiful.

Congratulations to Scott Tuason, Dorothy Cowden, the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery and University of Tampa for an unusual show.

The show runs until November 29th. There will ba a Gallery Talk and closing reception on that date, at 6PM. Reservations are $8.00

The Scarfone/Hartley Gallery is located in the R.K. Bailey Arts Studios, 310 N. Boulevard, at The University of Tampa campus. The Gallery is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Tuesday-Friday, and 1-4 p.m., Saturday.

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