Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Coloring Book Show @ Eve n Odd Gallery

Eve N Odd Art Gallery exterior
Jennifer Kosharek came up with the idea of doing a coloring book of artist's illustrations for others to color. She went the Kickstarter route for funding, and the book is now a reality. There are sixty-four artists' works in the book: David Berube, Wenchkin, Angela Ferrara, Gregory Dirr, Nicolas Caesar, Jared Konopitski, Saori, Heidi Daige, Linda Evans, Shannon, Katherine Michael,  Stasi Sparrow, Rain Rien, Matt Deterior, Michael Orr, Lorraine Kwan, Derek Donnelly, Heidi Jones, buZ blurr, Gary Barwin, Peter Lewis,  Chad Mize, Demeree, Lee VonLotzen, Mutt, Adam Northrop, Steven Salzman, Kazunori Murakami, Terry Pivinsky, Jenny Brockwell-Frank, Narchy, Theo Nelson, Madison Zalopany, Yanuary Irasema Navarro,
Hugo Porcaro, Christopher Reynolds, Kristi Capone, Julian Capone, Rebekah Stevenson,
Francis Haney, Willie Marlow, Amanda Lafferry, Dickie Harper, Jennifer Kosharek, Coralette Damme, Robert Phelps, Catherine Cross Tsintzos, Adamandia Kapsalis, Terry Pipitone, Calan Ree, Leeanna Butcher, Mimi Hernandez, T.J. Brown, Stephanie Zapata, and A.J.
Anat BarAmTaler, Marylin Miller, Psynner, Lost Talent, Cynthia Linville, David Wolk, Kathryn Cole, Sharon Steel, Sylwia Waluszko, Ryan Orosz, and R.King. 

Front cover
Back cover

The 6x9 inch book, like all of Eve N Odd's doings is first-rate.

Work by C. Damme
Work by Demeree
Here are two samples from the book. On the left is Coralette Damme's compartmentalized, phrenological head drawing from her prints shown at Artful Living recently. On the right is a work by Demeree, resembling a Mayan deity.

 The Coloring Book Show included a table outside the gallery, complete with crayons (and chocolates!). Inside, there was an exhibit of drawings and prints by artists in the book

 Many of the artists were on hand. On the left is Sharon Steel (l.) and Jennifer Kosharek (r.). I couldn't help but notice that even the bag my book came in was hand made. The coloring books are affordable and available at Eve N Odd gallery, in the Crislip Arcade at 645 Central Avenue, St. Pete. You can read more about the book here: [Link].

Congratulations to all 64 artists, to Eve N Odd Gallery and Jennifer Kosharek for a great show and book.

--- Luis

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