Friday, July 27, 2012

Norman Towle Art Show and Pangea Project #29 @ Venture Compound, Sat. July 28th.

I just received this: Saturday, July 28th (tomorrow)...

Norman Towle Retrospective gallery opening at the Venture Compound.

Norman Towle was a local artist who passed away a few years ago. A friend of the Compound came upon a shed full of his work and we decided to show it. 100% of the sales money will go to his elderly widow to help her with medication costs.

Norman's work ranged from landscapes to portraits of famous people such as Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Duff..

The PANGAEA PROJECT No.29: Balázs Pándi [Rome, Italy] and Rat Bastard [Miami] 

In conjunction with this opening, Venture Compound is having one of its excellent  music concerts. Some of the greatest names in Noise Music will be playing. The gathering of talent and energies at these concerts is outstanding. Admission $5. 2621 Fairfield Ave. S., Saint Petersburg. I can recommend these concerts without reservation.

[Insider Tips: You may want to bring some foam earplugs. It can get loud. Pay close attention to where you park, make sure it's a legit spot. Dress lightly, it can get hot temp-wise with the dancing.]

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