Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FMoPA's 12th Annual Members' Show, Part I

The Florida Museum of Photographic Arts has its 12th Annual Members' Show up. The 132 entries were judged by a jury composed of Pierre Dutertre, educator and photographer, Todd D. Smith, Tampa Museum of Art Director, and Megan Voeller, Creative Loafing's art critic.

Here are the winners in each category:

Woman with Fish
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"Woman Carrying Fish" by Jeremy Scott won Best in Show. A woman carrying a stringer of fish poses on a sandy road. She is dressed in a dress that evokes Depression-era fashion and the style is more than a little reminiscent of Walker Evans' work during that time.

Jessica Cruz - Members Choice

The Members' Choice award went to "Undecided" by Jessica Cruz. A figure casts a long shadow in a dramatic pose.

Bob Dein Mr. Quantum Singularity

Best in Digital, "Mr.Quantum Singularity", by Bob Dein. A tight head shot of a man with a direct, hot-wired look into the camera. Beautifully post-processed. That's a nice halo around the outline of the head on the left hand side. It makes Mr. Quantum look saintly.

Brian Adams Big Red Truck

Best in Travel went to this subtly-colored, three-level landscape titled "Big Red Truck", by Brian Adams

Golden Gate-Stephen ODonohue

Best in Architecture went to this study of the Golden Gate Bridge by Stephen O'Donohue titled "Golden Gate". A very geometric composition utilizing color to good advantage.

Wes Pratt They all look alike

Kevin Stevenson Crosstown TrafficIn Conceptual, "They All Look Alike", by Wes Pratt (on left) took Best. Robots at a line-up combined with the title allude to racial stereotyping.
 "Crosstown Traffic", by Kevin Stevenson (on right) was awarded Best In Creative Medium.

Scott Bolendz Remnant Hammock at TwilightTerri Gross Back to the FutureBest in Portraiture (L.) was this unusual portrait by Teri Gross. It reminded me of early Ken Josephson work. On the right  is Best in Nature / Landscape, by Scott Bolendz, titled "Remnant Hammock at Twilight", a classic, beautiful composition.

Bill Carson Mans Best FriendBest in Documentary was Dr. William Carson's "Man's Best Friend". The man and his dog make this picture.

End, Part I. To be continued....

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