Monday, July 16, 2012

First Saturday Indie Market, #6

  The First Saturday Indie Market just had its 6th event. The summer doldrums and heat have made the enterprise trying, but there's still a good turn-out, and Rosey Williams, founder of the market, tells me good things are coming. Here's a few pictures...

On the left is Laura Spencer in a collaborative Zombie mode portrait. On the table are her conceptual celebrity saints votive candles, very affordable prints and more. To see more of her work, see here: [Link]. Laura currently has work in the Florida Craftsmen Gallery and the Morean's Street Art show.

In front of Blue Lucy was Dan Schmidt, who bakes exquisite goodies. He can be reached at [Link].

On the left is local legend John Rosa, bookseller and booklover, hard at work.

In front of Rosie's Upcycle was Linda DiLeva, with clothing and paintings.Below right is a closer look at Linda's work.

Linda's work has pungent colors and life-affirming designs.

Derek Des Islets had several paintings on display next to Linda. He can be contacted at [Link].

Inside Rosie's Upcycle I ran into this...

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