Monday, July 16, 2012

Fourth of July Punk Barbecue @ Venture Compound

The Venture Compound is steadily carving a cultural space for itself in Saint Petersburg. A remarkable space, defined by its daring, pushing the limits, interdisciplinary approach, cross-cultural roaming and a consistent concern for quality. It has that rare welcome feel of tribe and family not simply of people that think in parallel, but one that celebrates diversity. 

On the 4th of July, there was a Punk music concert and 4rth of July Barbecue. In the patio, the grill smoked, plates stacked with burgers and hot dogs abounded. In spite of the freeform stuff that goes on, there was an aura of tradition in the air. It would have made a king hellfire Kingsford Charcoal ad.

The hour between the dog and the wolf went feral, traces of dusk ebbing away. J. Thelonious took a chair, placed it in a corner, and [Do not try this at home] doused it with charcoal firestarter fluid. Then he lit it on fire. Looking like a Tarot card from a dream suite, it burned in the night like an empty, passionate and perilous throne.

Out of nowhere, a young person surged forward and began to sing God Bless America. Many in the crowd were musicians and singers, and all joined in a hauntingly beautiful rendition of this song in an unforgettable display of love for and loyalty to the country. One of the most passionate and moving renditions ever, about where we come from, who we are, where we are going, and what we might be. That alone made the night at Venture Compound worthwhile, but it was only the beginning.

Then came the concert. Here's a gallery of pictures....

Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes

Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarettes

Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigerettes

Permanent Make-Up
Permanent Make-Up

Congratulations to all present at Venture Compound on the Fourth of July for a great evening.