Monday, July 23, 2012

It's Coming...The Cuban Sandwich Show

Normally held in July, many were thinking the Cuban Sandwich show (thoroughly written up here last year) was gone. It's coming in August! Below is their press release, as received from David Audet.

[Photograph on left is by Luis/Art Taco. Prop mistress Rosey Williams]

The Cuban Sandwich Show: All Art. All Tampa. August 1-31

The annual Cuban Sandwich Show returns with a month long series of art and
cultural events whose sole subject is the city of Tampa. No mayo, thank you!

This annual celebration of all things Tampa is organized by the Artists and
Writers Group, Inc. Events featuring visual arts, literature, theater, music, and cuisine are scheduled throughout August. New events this year include a symposium discussing the history of Tampa cuisine, a food festival, and the First Annual Chicken Parade and Rooster Promenade in Ybor City.

David Audet, a founder and current artistic director of the Artists and Writers Group, was one of the artists in the first Cuban Sandwich Show in 1991, which was created by Gordon and Denise Myhre of Seminole Heights. David recently served with the Tampa City Council’s Cultural Assets Committee as chair of the ”Sub-committee to Identify the Historic Ingredients of the Cuban Sandwich”, which was proclaimed by Tampa City Council in April as the "official sandwich of Tampa." This has lead to interesting arguments with Miami about sandwiches.

This month long show displays, for better or worse, the sense of whimsy, history, serious humor and other idiosyncrasies of Tampa’s creative citizens, ranging from professional visual and culinary artists to storytellers, historians, writers and other joyful fabricators of the truth.  The mantra given to the participants is to play, be playful, while honoring the truths about our little city by the bay.

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