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Guest Blog: Moira Shiver, WTCA Director on "Common Sense" Show.

[The following is a Guest Blog from Moira Shiver, Director of the West Tampa Center for the Arts, posted unedited, in its entirety. Art Taco welcomes guest blogs on almost any topic in the arts.
 --- Luis.]

“Common Sense” – A Sociopolitical Art Show 
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Since putting together my first art show, I’ve been helplessly in love with the artists of Tampa Bay.  For years, I’d been hovering on the edge of their world but was immersed in corporate America and had too much on my plate to pay much attention. I finally gave up the stress of the corporate world to give art promotion a try and felt confident that with my natural ability to motivate and bring people together, helping out the Tampa art scene and its wonderful artists would be easy as pie …  
“These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls”
Since starting on my artistic quest, I have never ceased to be amazed that art and culture, although historically proven to be a mainstay of nearly every successful society known to man, is quite often dismissed as the bane of society and is most often the first slash in every budget cut.  Add to that challenge, artist insecurities, organizations less interested in advancing artists careers than they are in their own agendas, and a bad economy, and you’ve got yourself a real mess. 
Ever since I can remember, tell me “There’s nothing you can do” and it’s game on.  I may not be perfect at it, or even appreciated for trying, but don’t you dare tell me I can’t.  I not only believe the under-appreciated artists of Tampa Bay can make a difference, I believe it’s about @#$@ time that we stand up and do so.  From St. Pete’s 600 Block to The Bricks of Ybor, from Tempus Project to Florida Craftsman Gallery, from Hoffman Porges Gallery to West Tampa Center for the Arts, it’s time we let the world know that Tampa Bay IS an art community. 
“Time Hath Found Us”
When the Republican National Convention announced they were coming to Tampa, I knew immediately that we had to do a show.  We have the artists and the venue, so there was no way I was going to miss the opportunity to share the power of Tampa Bay art on a national stage.  More so than that, I wanted to creatively give the people of this great nation a voice through the eyes of the artists.  
Paralleling the original intention of Thomas Paine in 1776, “Common Sense” is meant to bring artists together to provoke thought and maybe even challenge the very decisions being made by leaders elected on the people’s behalf.  Designed to be a voice for the people, “Common Sense” cries out to artists to speak through their work and give public sentiment the power and attention it deserves. 
So what say you Tampa Bay?  Are you ready to get together and be heard?  Then help spread the word and come on out to “Common Sense” … For the People, By the Artists!
Creatively yours,
Moira Shiver
Art Director, WTCA

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West Tampa Center for the Arts Presents, “Common Sense”

Featuring the Artwork of Ligorano and Reese – “Morning in America

August 27, 2012 – (10 AM – 6 PM)  “Common Sense” Soft Opening at Santaella Studios for the Arts
August 27, 2012 – (Time TBD) “Morning in America” – Art Installation at Lykes Gaslight Park
August 28, 2012 – (10 AM – 6 PM) “Common Sense” Continued
August 28, 2012 – (6 PM – 10 PM) “Common Sense” Artist Opening Reception
August 29, 2012 – (10 AM – 6 PM) “Common Sense” Continued
August 30, 2012 – (10 AM – 4 PM) “Common Sense” Closing Day

“The Debate” – Tampa Artist – Jason Shiver

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