Sunday, October 14, 2012

First Saturday, October 2012

The weather is starting to cool, making things more pleasant for going to sidewalk shows. First Saturday Indie Market is no exception. Here are a few pictures from October...

At one time we were close to Nature, its mysteries, life forms and energies. Betsy Alvarez of Foraging Fables explores our relationship to animals. [Link].

Mayumi Beckwith playing guitar at her table. She makes food-themed arts and crafts pieces.

Claire Wray makes beautiful retro (50's?) lamps and shades. Find her on Etsy at ilovelamp.1965.

Erin Zisser, whose bullet show at Dysfunctional Grace was reviewed here was at the Indie Market with her jewelry, bags and candles.

Dino D'Taos at work
Work by Dino D'Taos
Dino D'Taos, one of the area's living art treasures, brought his work and engaged in some live painting.

Work by Collin Anderson

 Collin Anderson had this large painting on display. [Link].

 Johnathan Rosa, bookseller and local legend, discussing fine points of literature with a customer.

On the left is painter Zack Henderson with his art.

There was music out on the sidewalk near Ramblin' Rose Vintage Boutique...

[If anyone knows the name of the group, please email me]

The view from inside Ramblin' Rose....

 Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the October 2012 First Saturday Indie Market.

--- Luis

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