Friday, March 16, 2012

Ilford's Harman Titan Pinhole 4x5 Camera Kit.

In the spirit of these photo shows, Ilford has introduced Harman Titan's Pinhole 4x5 camera kit. This is a simple gateway to a 4x5 camera. You will need a tripod and some 4x5 film holders and a few trays and chemicals to process the film/paper. Ilford makes 4x5 positive paper (10 sheets are included). The 4x5 negs can be scanned on a regular flatbed scanner, files processed digitally and printed the same way. Or you can go the analog route. The kit sells for $220.00 at B&H Photo in NYC. The kit has proven so popular that they're currently out, but will soon get more in. [Link].

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