Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Show @ Sake Bomb

The Sake Bomb

The Sake Bomb bar is a roomy hangout for mostly young local St Petersburgers. (burgians? burgites?). It has also become a gathering place for artists, specially on the sidewalk tables in the evening, where I need to spend more time. Recently, they opened a photo show. I couldn't find out who curated it when I was there. If anyone knows, please email me and I'll insert the name.

Tai Swank, "Fifty Million"

I don't know if the title refers to Utopia's Gangrene song. This is one kind that isn't zombie-ing before a glowing screen. It is a very romantic image, with the lure of the road and the future beckoning. The dead-center composition is spiced up by the highights on the wet areas and the laid-down cruiser.

Work by Jeremy Scott

A woman with a sexy figure and a pig's mask in hard light with the soon-to-be moved to the parking lot famous globe sign from the about to be redeveloped Liquor World site. A sexy, dressed-up pig? Lot of sensuous contrast there. A morning after comment?

Allison Sakiotis, "Cheese Grits"

Since the beginning of photography, signs have been a popular subject. Allison Sakiotis' Munch's sign, with the clouds rising behind it in the dark blue sky, along with the title, Cheese Grits", has strong graphics -- and gives me the munchies just to look at it.

Rachel Lambert-Jolley, "Sunshine State of Mind"/

 Rachel Lambert-Jolley's "Sunshine State of Mind" came across as a bit of a nostalgic look at the ambient local zeitgeist, reminiscent of 50's pictures of women with sunglasses on, but up to date.

Congratulations to all the photographers and the Sake Bomb for an eclectic show.

--- Luis

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