Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sharan Elran Project: Unlimited Edition.

Work by Sharan Elran

Sharan Elran was reviewed here back when NCECA graced Tampa with several shows based around its yearly convention. Sharan had an interactive ceramic piece titled "400 Bricks", which viewers nee' participants configured any way they wanted to and the piece morphed into something else every few hours.

Overhead view

He wrote me about his new project, a series of works that are based on 14 components that can be assembled in over six billion permutations, enough for one for every person alive on the planet. The finished product is a porcelain vase, as pictured above and on the left. This is is his graduation project, which will be exhibited at The Cranbrook Museum of Art, in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, opening on April 21st.

Each vase is different and numbered.

He's crowdsourcing this via Kickstarter read more about it here:  [Link]

* Both pictures courtesy of Sharan Elran.

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