Saturday, March 31, 2012

One 2 One @ Craftsmen Gallery

Teacher - student or mentor - mentee shows bring a different perspective to the world of art. Sometimes one sees direct connections, others more of a rebellious individuation against the teacher/mentor. Either way, there's influences there to be seen, and revelations as to how artists evolve.

The One 2 One exhibit.

Craftsmen Gallery describes itself as a "fine crafts art gallery". It was created by Louis and Elsa Freund in 1951. Incorporation came in 1977, still without a building. That came in 1986, and two moves later, it came to rest in its present location. Above the street level spaces is the Arts Lofts, with eighteen artists' studios. 

Helen Otterson, "Botanica Lilac"

University of Miami student Helen Otterson's "Botanica Lilac", made of ceramic, glass, and bronze is a study in contrasts. The lilac colors opposed to the mustards of the base, and the delicate plant form of the stem, leaves and flower compared to its burly-looking vase. Note that the flower is growing out of a slim crack in the base, which speaks to me of hope and potential.

Bonnie Seeman, "Pitcher and Tray"

Made of ceramic and glass, this ornate, technically vistuoso duo of pitcher and tray, by University of Miami professor Bonnie Seeman. The organic, botanical forms of these two works is spectacular. Almost impossible to see in the pictures there are tiny lilac flowers sparsely scattered along the sides of the pitcher.

Work by Carleton Haack

"Information Recovery Device, Brain Bomb", by Carleton Haack, a student at the University of West Florida is a conceptually explosive piece in this show. Daring, out-of-the-box and more than a little over the top, it exerts itself in a confident, authoritative manner. A bomb-shaped form, complete with winglets, is composed of several brains, looking like it is partially buried onto the surface it rests on.

Adam Shiverdecker, "Amphoria Series, 2 & 3"

University of West Florida Professor Adam Shiverdecker's duet of conceptual amphorae are like negative images of each other, with an exposed armature on the bottom of #2 (on left) and on top on #3.

Ted Camp, "Platter Six"

State College of Florida Professor Ted Camp's "Platter Six" is a porcelain piece, perhaps 24" in diameter. The color and textural interleaving of the glazes is exceptionally good. The subtle indents along the edge create tensions with what lies within its circumference.

Congratulations to all the professors and student artists, and to Florida Craftsmen for a good show.

 --- Luis

One 2 One @ Florida Craftsman Galleries - A mentor/student ceramic exhibit. Runs through May 26th. 501 Central Ave., St Pete. Free.

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