Sunday, April 1, 2012

Computer Art Enters New Era

This is a first: A computer that is programmed  for creativity, and in any of several styles and media. It can be hooked up to any of several models of CNC machines to produce sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics and more. Work on a Rover unit is being done for plein-air painting and photography. The OPTICON Yottaflop computer relies on quantum chromodynamics using quark states instead of bits.

Quarks at work
This new type of computing does away with the old on-off bit system, allowing for the subtle changes in the excitement of quarks, yielding  41 Yottaflops, each being 10 to the 24th power floating point operations per second. This enables it to do things like take in pictures from the body of work of  a Master artist and imitate them, using CNC machines in any medium so well that experts cannot tell them from the original except for the age of the media.It also learns. This enables it to do continuation works the original artist might have done. Imagine new works from deceased Masters!