Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Open Mic @ Cafe Hey 4/12/12

Cafe Hey window/logo

 Cafe Hey [Link] is a pearl tucked just north of the Insterstate at 1540 N. Franklin St. On Thursday evenings Open Mic night is held. It is run beautifully by poetess Nyssa Hanger and her Doorstop Productions outfit [Link].

Riva (on left) and Nyssa (on right)

 Anyone can walk in, sign the sheet and perform. People tell stories, do stand-up comedy, sing, play music, and read poetry. Viewers take all this in while sipping coffees and enjoying excellent soups, baked goodies, sandwiches and more. Admission is free, though donations are appreciated.

Nyssa Hanger

Nyssa opeed with Fire and Ice, an early poem by Robert Frost [Link] that she said opened her eyes to poetry.


Barry sang two songs, "Cooter Brown", with strong Floridian character, and "Jodell's Song". He's been reviewed here before.

J.D. Ball

What superpower would you want to have, if you could only have one? Comedian J.D. Ball claimed he would like to make his penis whistle. He went on about Twitter, sharks, problems with erections at the beach and the legibility of fliers on the walls behind toilets.

John Jacobs

John Jacobs did comedy routines about Women Boxers, the way people talk to dogs, Harry Potter's and his enemy's illogical predicaments. ChristianMingle.com. and the Avatar suicides.


Riva opened with an instrumental, followed by her signature song, Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" [Link]. This is not an easy song, and Riva plays and sings through it in a haunting way.

Cole Bellamy

Cole Bellamy, who sometimes host the Open Mic at Cafe Hey, read Ancient City, a place where every dream meant something. He also read Eternal Hotel, partly based on the place he stayed while going to grad school. Also read Magician.


Brian who does an outstanding straight man routine, did a poignant and very funny bit about leaving facebook.


George, visiting Cole Bellamy all the way from Indiana, played guitar and sang "Monster", a descent into darkness about an unknown creature that killed several dogs and ate them. He also played the flute and read a few poems. 


Michaelangelo read from his phone poems about girls and romance. He also read "Nukes", talked about Tumblr and not wanting to get old.

Law Smith

Law Smith, beer in hand, did comedy about Easter and a precocious kid who heckled him. He also touched on the Trayvor Martin case and the shooter Zimmerman.


The very funny comedienne Mona talked about love for FB, an imaginary friend, and oral sex.


Tony did riffs on guys reading jokes off cell phones, and a sick and humorous thing on suicide notes.


Joseph did his last performance at Cafe Hey, a passionate exploration of quantum existence, onnections, and possibilities.

Open Mic night @ Cafe Hey is an extraordinary thing. Whether you intend to read, watch, or both, the performances are very good, and the Cafe its perfect complement for a memorable evening. All that, and admission is free.

Nyssa Hanger

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