Saturday, April 21, 2012

Yarncrochbomb @ Eve N Odd Gallery

Eve N Odd Exhibit Wall
Eve N Odd Gallery is one of the micro-spaces in the Crislip Arcade at the 600 block. It is a model of efficiency, using every inch of space and doing so gracefully, carrying various kinds of art, including smaller works by emerging artists, the exhibits usually get the back wall, above the shelves. This time the theme was yarn and crochet in various forms. This means dolls, handbags, garlands, all kinds of representational work -- and yarncrochbombs, the equivalent of woven graffiti.

On the 600 block

This effectively extended the exhibition space beyond Eve N Odd and out onto the 600 block, among the 2nd Saturday gallery walkers. The textures, pungent color, banding, and other qualities of crocheted and woven art are strikingly different from other media, and quite attractive and hypnotic.

Entrance to Crislip Arcade

The Garland
Artist with her work
The entrance to the Crislip Arcade was beautifully yarn-bombed, in part with jewel-like work. On the left are two artists working on the iron gate to the arcade. To the right is a closer view of the garland hung across the gate. Jane Wang from Mobius/Boston made it, and the inspiration for it came from Angela Ferrara from Brazil, who also designed Eve N Odd's logo. The garland was mailed overnight just in time for the show.

The work on the gate extended below the garland as well and on both sides. Here's another view of the same side of the gate ------>

Work by Kristi Capone
Cat and Skull by Psynner.
The yarn bombed objects/structures extended into the gallery, too. On the left is a telephone yarn bombed by Kristi Capone. Note how the yarn breaks up the hard edges of objects, rendering them in a more organic manner. On the right are a Dia de Los Muertos skull and cat made by Psynner.

scrumble by Margot Woodrough

Bombed on Central
Some of the works were functional, like handbags or blankets, and some were not. On the left is a beautiful, sensuous and colorful scrumble, by Margot Woodrough.

Congratulations to the many artists in the show in both the gallery and the street, and to Jennifer Kosharek and her Eve N Odd gallery for continuing to bring us quality work.

 --- Luis

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