Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Second Warehouse Art District Mural going up at Venture Compound.

Another mural is going up in the WAD over at Venture Compound. If you go south on 24th to Emerson, and take the angular Terminal Drive (love that street name) until it bends you will see this work in progress. There is a finished panel by Akut, and another started by Christian Thomas.

Work by Akut

Above, two of the three panels by the side of Venture Compound. On the right side one can see the work in progress. I will publish more pictures as the work develops. The third panel will be done by Alex "Stoic".

About two blocks away from this is Zen Glass. A third WAD mural will be going up there very soon. It hadn't started as of my visit on Saturday. If this keeps going, and enough variety can make its way onto walls in the district, this will soon become an attraction in itself.

--- Luis

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