Monday, May 7, 2012

Creative Pinellas Kickstarter Workshop

l-to-r, Hampton, Mitzi, Hunter, [insert name]
I attended the Creative Pinellas [Link] workshop on Kickstarter/crowdsourcing funding, held at The Morean Arts Center. The room was packed with talented people, most of whom have been reviewed in these pages. Creative Pinellas' mission is to promote, incubate, develop and sustain the arts in Pinellas County. Hampton Dohrman, Director of Creative Pinellas headed the workshop (he dressed up for the occasion, wearing socks).

Mitzi Gordon

 There was a panel of three artists who Kickstarted or are Kickstarting their projects, including Mitzi Gordon, who runs the Bluebird Bus, a bookstore on wheels which has been reported on here, Hunter Payne, of Drawing Underwater fame, and a musician named Daniel. 


The Workshop covered the Kickstarter process very well and in detail with projection illustrating the spoken word. There were many insights and tips along with the nuts and bolts education. There was a section on making your video to maximize your proposal's impact.

Video Specialist

It was a beautifully organized reality-grounded workshop designed to help artists put together their best possible presentation at Kickstarter.

Congratulations to all the participants, the panelists and Hampton Dohrman for a successful (and amazingly, free) workshop.

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