Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Project Photo! V.2.0 @ Duncan Mc Clellan Glass

Food trucks @ DMG
 This was the 2nd party at DMG for the Project Photo! show. For the earlier review see here [Link]. One of the major changes from the earlier opening was the inclusion of the now-ubiquitous elsewhere but rarely seen in St Pete food trucks. There were three parked out on Emerson in front of Duncan McClellan Glass, The Killer Sammich, Fresh and Fast and Maggie on the Move. Unfortunately, I was there much too early to eat anything, but if the olfactory bulb is any indicator, they were good. The Warehouse Arts District (WAD) doesn't have any cafes for gallery goers to stop and have a bite, something that will encourage people to go and also to stay longer. Here's some highlights from the 2nd version of the show...

Atro Cellotto, blown glass

This duet of strikingly beautiful blown glass pieces by Atro Celotto (about 3 ft high) were made of glass, filigrana, and murrini cane.On the right is a close-up of the piece on the right in the picture at left. Glass is the kind of decorative art that one can pore over at length and repeatedly. Changing perspective by a few inches or the lighting refreshes the view.

On the left, a stone torso (about 1.5 ft high) sculpted from Brucite stone, a beautiful material with crystalline qualities and rich veining. Here, in "Grecian Torso", Jane Jaskevich used it well. This piece has expressive volumes and is a strong decorative work.

Duncan Mc Clellan, "Man about World"

This blue and black blown-glass, sand carved work by Duncan McClellan, consists of a man, who towersover the city around (mostly behind and beside) him, as if parting the waters. His head is the globe. Is this a globalist? The entire background are small, generic, human figures  in relief, reminiscent of Keith Haring's people. I love glass for its inherent beauty, but it is wonderful to see glass works with relevant narratives and content. 

Work by Massimiliano Schiavone

Massimiliano Schiavone's decorative abstract pieces are stunning. Here are two close-ups of one work that absolutely dazzles with color and form. This is blown glass, filigrana cane, diamond-carved.

On the right is the 2nd close-up.

Congratulations to all the artists, Duncan Mc Clellan and the DMG crew, specially Jorge Vidal and Tracy Kennard, for a wonderful evening.

--- Luis

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