Monday, May 21, 2012

Third Warehouse District Mural Finished

The third Warehouse District Art Mural is finished. The collaboration between two great muralists in our state, BASK and Tess One consists of oily-looking dinosaurs, one with an x-ray view showing oil pumps, and scrubbing bubbles about cleaning up the mess we've made, of particular relevance in this state, given the Gulf BP Oil spill, and our economic reliance on tourism/oil.

Here's a few close-ups of BASK's half...

A graphically rendered brass spigot with a frozen drop of oil dangling from it, about to drop. Is that a reference to a leak, or about the end of our reliance on oil? The two small circles below are ventilation fans for the Zen Glass workstations inside. BASK's signature can be seen on the lower left. To give a sense of scale, they are about five feet off the ground.

Here at the juncture of the two muralist's work, we can see the drips from the washes  of white that BASK threw against the wall and allowed to drip down it. This adds a feeling of the scrubbing bubbles' wash/cleansing. Washes are also found in many of BASK's current paintings. In Eden magazine BASK described dripping these translucent washes onto canvases paid out on his driveway. Here it was done on a vertical wall,

A view of BASK's half of the finished mural. Both Tess One and BASK are curating an upcoming show in June at The Morean Arts Center themed around Street Art.

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