Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jennifer Kosharek's Coloring Book Project

Jennifer Kosharek is one of St Petersburg's most innovative gallerists. She has a project she is funding via Kickstarter, and I would appreciate any contributions Art Taco readers can send her way. Jennifer consistently has put together high quality shows in her small Eve N Odd gallery [Link]. In her own words:

" I am hosting an open call for coloring book art.  In addition to the original piece of art, I am asking each artist to email me a black and white illustration for an actual group coloring book.  For this Kickstarter project--I would like to raise money to advertise, to produce and to send out the  coloring book to each participating artist.  I think it would be great to document the local art scene, as well as national and international illustrators.  I think having group projects like this bring the community together, as well as help artists to get to know one another.  I hope you take time out to give something!  If you do, I will be happy to return the favor! "

See more here: [Link]

--- Luis

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