Monday, May 14, 2012

First Saturday Indie Market #3

One of many elephants @ Oleson's

Part of this First Saturday was my preceding post on the Oleson Gallery and his making of the fiberglass 4x4' Elephants that will be painted and soon placed all around Tampa.

As with the other First Saturday Indie Markets (FSIM), the 600 block was alive with throngs of people walking around, buying art talking and having a great day.

B.C. Woo in his gallery

B.C. Woo only has a few of his beautiful paintings of fish left in his main gallery. He sold most of the paintings in it recently. Bravo! There were several stretched canvases ready to paint stacked against a bench. The painting in the upper left of the photo on the left is in 3-D and ultra-colorful. These are really portraits of fish, individuals, not generic.

Emmelle Lee

Work by Emmelle Lee
 Emmelle Lee makes custom leather gifts. She can be reached at

John Rosa

Local legend John Rosa made an appearance to jettison some tomes from his extensive library.

Betsy Bell and her work

Betsy Bell makes beautiful custom, handmade pillows and nature-themed prints. You can see more of her work at: [Link]

Frank Strunk III's stand

Frank Strunk III brought a large heart and hand grenades in several sizes, among many other steel sculptures.

Greg Francis, graphic designer and iPhone photographer (recently reviewed here) was there with his prints, which are quite good. His website: [Link]

Laura Spencer

 Artist and Illustrator Laura Spencer had fascinating votive candles of celebrities as saints, and prints for sale.
For more of her work: [Link]

Bill Drugan showed me his new gallery at space # 14 in the Crislip arcade. He's a well-traveled artist with works having a broad range of influences from around the globe. His colors and figures make a trip to his gallery worthwhile.

Sean Reid with this work, which was shown here on the blog post on First Saturday #2 and is now finished. It can be seen at Derek Donnelly's Saint Paint.

Congratulations to all the participants in the FSIM and to Rosie Williams for keeping it going.

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