Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reflections, GCAA members show @ Arts Lofts.

Arts Lofts 5th St. Entrance

The Gulf Coast Artists' Alliance is a non-profit that brings together artists from many different disciplines and fill gaps in communications. They opened a group show at the Arts Lofts a couple of weeks ago. Here are some highlights...

Work by David Canary
 On the left is a mixed-media piece made of what appears to be leather and brass titled "Aquarius". It is about a meter tall, with layered scales of leather, with bits of brass peeping out in three places. There is a sense of history and ascendancy in this piece. The gaps between the brass bits seem to be in a Fibonacci series of steps.
 On the right is a close-up of the brass (?) bits.

Nancy Martis, "Cake"

 Nancy Martis's acrylic painting "Cake", is of an XXL piece with two strawberries and forks suggests intimacy and culinary communion between two people (the viewer and...?) that are invisible but everpresent. The piece is somewhat reminiscent of Wayne Thiebaud.

Work by Judy Vienneau

Work by Judy Vienneau

 Judy Vienneau's wire sculpture of angels is a cute, overtly sentimental, uplifting and decorative piece. On the right is a close-up of the angels.

Work by Carole Shelton

 Carole Shelton showed this attractive "Silver Rose" bracelet made of cotton and sterling silver. 


Work by Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson's traditional-looking Sumi-e ink painting was small and beautiful.

Arts Lofts Gallery

I want to congratulate all the GCAA artists and the Arts Lofts for a memorable show.

--- Luis

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